ManageBot is an all-in one Discord bot with a lot of cool and useful features and commands.

Join the Support server here to know everything about Updates. Recently the account of the bot holder was hacked, so intel could be pretty useful.

Over 100 commands

ManageBot has a lot of commands, displaying useful information, such as the member information command and more!

Latest Features

ManageBot supports latest Discord features such as Activities.

Own custom commands

ManageBot recently got the Custom Commands update. Server Moderators can add server specific custom commands.

Over 100 commands

Commands are split in categories. Above you can see all categories. Keep in mind, that you wont see all this categories, since the bot automatically filters the commands you can use and only shows commands you can use.

Latest Discord features

YouTube Together, Chess, Fishing and more - Discord Activities are currenly in Beta. ManageBot uses an API that makes it possible to generate links for these activities. My personal favourite: YouTube Together.
Note: Discord Activities don't work on mobile phones.

Custom server commands

One of the recent updates added custom commands for servers. I am really proud of that feature, since not every bot has it. Soon, they will support keywords to display useful information.